Corefino LLC Delivers Complete Financial Confidence to CFOs

There’s no room for financial error. Delayed reporting or misstated financial information causes serious damage to an organization’s reputation.

We Assure Financial Data Quality

Corefino LLC’s turnkey outsourced accounting solutions give you the assurance that your accounts are in a constant state of readiness for any due diligence or audit process. Our accounting workflows are quality checked at each stage, helping ensure audit-ready accounts each month. You gain complete visibility and retain total control over your information.

Establish Financial Continuity

When you outsource core financial operations to Corefino LLC, you reduce or eliminate the need to source, train, retain, and manage staff. And unlike an in-house department, you’re never left in the lurch when a key employee leaves.

We Do the Day-to-Day

Corefino LLC manages all of your back office accounting and monthly accounting production, delivering clean financials and stress-free board packages. You are freed to focus on strategic objectives and business issues, backed by complete, current financial statements.

Deep Financial Bench at Your Disposal

Each Corefino LLC customer is assigned a Chief Accounting Officer with more than 20 years of experience. We will also work with public accounting firms on your behalf.

For Interim CFOs

Corefino LLC recognizes that the relationship between you and your client is very important. Our solution enables you to outsource routine, back-office tasks for your clients and charge for your expertise. Corefino LLC’s products scale readily and allow you to provide clients with what they need, when they need it. And we guarantee high-quality work, assuring that your clients are always audit-ready.

Enterprise-class Financial Tools

With Corefino LLC, organizations gain sophisticated financial analysis, accounting expertise, guidance, and reporting tools that typically are affordable only for much larger, established companies.