Triple Play Accounting Solution

The Triple Play Accounting Solution

Today’s forward-thinking executives must demonstrate better business processes and cost efficiencies for their organizations to remain competitive, retain profits and facilitate growth. Strategic CFO’s who want both to stay current AND facilitate both their organizational and personal growth are abandoning the outdated and increasingly unpopular “on premise” software paradigm for routine needs, including accounting. Instead, CFO’s and Controllers are leveraging new technologies, new practices and refocusing their valuable time away from technology and support staff drains – and making more strategic contributions.

Corefino LLC is the first and only company to combine the people-place-platform value proposition.


Corefino LLC uses an outsourced, process-centric staffing approach (Business Process Outsourcing) to provide CFO’s and Controllers with the freedom to focus on their key business objectives and growing their businesses, versus ongoing staff training. Corefino LLC clients are industry-matched with an experienced accounting team that delivers financial guidance and oversight excellence to ensure GAAP compliance, as well as due-diligence ready and Sarbanes-Oxley ready practices.


Corefino LLC is not a software vendor, but an accounting solutions enabler that eliminates the need to invest in costly ERP infrastructure – it is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) agnostic. Corefino LLC is partnered with many SaaS accounting solution providers; it will match the right technology solution to the right people and the best practices that are right for growing mid-sized companies. Our cloud-computing-based accounting solutions enable you to have 24/7 connectivity via the Web to your financial data.


Corefino LLC’s custom-built Triple-C™ Platform includes more than 500 business processes, workflow and quality assurance checks and reviews. By trusting accounting procedures and practices to our Triple-C Best Practices/Workflow Platform, you’re enabling an outsourced, fully-vetted way to:

  • Connect – 24/7 connectivity via the Web to your financial data
  • Correct – Hands-on accounting expertise that assures industry best practices
  • Comply – Accurate, repeatable and reliable financials