Core Financials Outsourced for the SaaS-Savvy, Strategic CFO

    By combining a three-part online accounting solution strategy of people, place and platform, Corefino has combined process-centric staffing (Business Process Outsourcing), with the newest cloud computing options (Software-as-a-Service – SaaS accounting), plus Corefino’s own Triple-C Best Practices/Workflow Platform to:

    • Connect – 24/7 access via the Web
    • Correct – A roadmap to sustained audit-readiness
    • Comply – Best Practice solutions; GAAP conformance

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    Analysts are talking about Apparancy and Corefino

    Implementing Apparancy alongside Corefino extends the functionality of Corefino and adds a business process platform that incorporates customer service, business processes and services, software and integrations to a strong outsourced financial solution for strategic CFO’s. The added functionality of business process management in any capacity extends Corefino functionality across the breadth of the enterprise to execute auxiliary business functions that may not have been possible without the use of Apparancy. Learn about our sister company, ApparancyThe combination of Corefino’s turnkey people/process/place platform model provides the infrastructure for organizations to leverage their existing technology investments by adding workflows and business process management to their core financial systems.
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    Analyst Corner

    IDC: “CFO Rescue Strategy: Look to the Clouds”
    Robert Mahowald, Research Director, SaaS and Cloud Services Research

    Aberdeen Group: “A Triple Play for the Strategy-Minded CFO”
    Aberdeen Group, Analyst Insight

    Vital Analysis: “The Evolving Business of Finance & Accounting”
    Brian Sommer, CEO, TechVentive, Inc.

    For CFO’s

    Our online accounting solutions offer accurate, on-time, consistent books—with detailed visibility anytime. Without staff hiring, training, and management.
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    CIO’s and technology heads seeking streamlined IT infrastructures find SaaS accounting deployments an efficient and cost-conscious alternative.
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    Corefino internet accounting outsourcing customers are well-managed, growing businesses. We often refer them to service and software providers. Learn more about partnering.
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