Core Financials Outsourced for the SaaS-Savvy, Strategic CFO

By combining a three-part online accounting solution strategy of people, place and platform, Corefino LLC has combined process-centric staffing (Business Process Outsourcing), with the newest cloud computing options (Software-as-a-Service – SaaS accounting), plus Corefino LLC’s own Triple-C Best Practices/Workflow Platform to:

  • Connect – 24/7 access via the Web
  • Correct – A roadmap to sustained audit-readiness
  • Comply – Best Practice solutions; GAAP conformance

For CFO’s

Our online accounting solutions offer accurate, on-time, consistent books—with detailed visibility anytime. Without staff hiring, training, and management.
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For CIO’s

CIO’s and technology heads seeking streamlined IT infrastructures find SaaS accounting deployments an efficient and cost-conscious alternative.
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For Partners

Corefino internet accounting outsourcing customers are well-managed, growing businesses. We often refer them to service and software providers. Learn more about partnering.
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