Corefino Partners

Corefino demonstrates that there are still possibilities for innovation in staid business services, like accounting. Corefino’s combination of technology and efficient business practices make them a great choice for a newly funded company that understands the value of an effective accounting solution.

—Susan Lucas-Conwell, Executive Director, SDforum

Service Provider Partners Extend Our Value

Corefino teams with a number of carefully selected service provider partners to provide our customers with affordable access to services that complement our outsourced accounting offerings.

We evaluate partners based on the value of their solutions and our experience with their services. We trust them, and you can too.

Corefino service provider partners include:

  • Audit, Tax, and Advisory Services

  • Business Resources

  • Human Resources and Payroll Providers

  • International Operations

If you would like to talk with Corefino about partnering opportunities, please contact us at