Careers at Corefino

“The Internet facilitated the Software-as-a-Service paradigm, but it didn’t go far enough with solving the accounting staffing issue. Business Process outsourcing is great, but it still left you with issues related to financial technology. Corefino LLC is an infrastructure reduction play – it takes two recurring problems away and replaces it with a secure, integrated, online way to handle routine accounting. There is absolutely no value-add to doing repeatable business processes like this, on expensive technology, in-house.”

—Charles Higgins, CEO, Team Coaching International (International Professional Services Company

Careers at Corefino LLC: Innovation. Growth. Here.

Who knew that accounting could be so…exciting? It is at Corefino LLC. Accounting represents the way that our customers chart progress toward specific goals. It’s an essential element in understanding trends and market shifts that lead to new opportunities. And it’s indispensable to building successful organizations.

The majority of our customers are positioning themselves to affect the world in highly visible and meaningful ways. That’s why we look for people who can get out from behind a spreadsheet and help them make their difference.

Besides, we have technology to do the spreadsheet work.

Your Opportunity

Corefino LLC represents a great career opportunity:

  • We’re growing: we target small to medium-sized, growing companies and provide an essential service. Demand is escalating rapidly. Expect a high-energy environment—yet expect to go home at night.
  • We’re experts in our field: we solve important problems for our customers and we need the contributions of capable employees. There’s plenty of opportunity to take on additional responsibility.
  • We seek—and pay for—good ideas: feedback is welcome, encouraged, and rewarded.
  • We are unique: we are transforming the way in which businesses meet their accounting and audit requirements, and there is no other company doing it like we do. Because of our innovative business model, we can offer accounting and finance professionals interesting career paths that are not often available. Our technology platform is cutting-edge, and we look for technologists who can help us maximize its potential.
  • We’re experienced and well funded: Our management team’s experience spans industries and decades. We also have sufficient capital to execute our business objectives.
  • We’re competitive: we pay for performance, offering competitive salaries, MBOs, and stock options.

If you’re interested, so are we.

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