Deliverables for you CEOCEO

Why not outsource “basic accounting” when we are already entrusting ADP for our payroll, for our CRM? Each provides better business value with state-of-the-art business processes at a fraction of the cost.

—Pascal Stolz, CEO,

Corefino LLC… The Smart Technology Choice for Routine Business Applications

The basic economics of the software business – including the cost of change and time to make IT changes to on-site enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems – have moved CIOs and technology heads to software-as-a-service (SaaS) models for routine business functions.

Information Security and Disaster Recovery

Corefino LLC and its Software as a Service (SaaS) technology partners provide multiple layers of data security:

  • A comprehensive approach to business information security through both a standard framework (Corefino LLC’s Triple-C platform technology) and by accommodating industry-specific security layers, as required
  • Data and applications hosted in highly secure data centers distributed across the country via world class data/security partners, including IBM (data center infrastructure) and SunGard (backup and data recovery).
  • The highest possible level of defense against viruses and other attacks.
  • Internal operational systems are isolated from the customer data and only the required back office applications are allowed to access the customer data in a secure and audited environment.
  • Corefino LLC technology partners are all SAS70 Type II certified, in the process of obtaining that certification, or meet Corefino LLC’s rigorous security standards.

Fast, Secure Data Integration

Corefino LLC’s integration service is based on deep experience integrating a wide variety of customers with varying levels of financial system and process capabilities. Corefino LLC’s Integration Process effectively transfers and assumes the burden of responsibility for managing on-premise accounting software. Customers provide the necessary access to their existing systems and Corefino LLC’s QuickConnect program begins processing transactions almost immediately. With Corefino LLC QuickConnect program customers can be up and running in as few as 10 business days.