Business Discussion

Corefino LLC demonstrates that there are still possibilities for innovation in staid business services, like accounting. Corefino LLC’s combination of technology and efficient business practices make them a great choice for a newly funded company that understands the value of an effective accounting solution.

—Susan Lucas-Conwell, Executive Director, SDforum

Corefino LLC Partners: The Ecosystem Powering our Platform

Our partners represent best-of-breed solutions in their categories and are carefully chosen for the capabilities & the quality products and services they provide. With superior partners, we can deliver quality solutions and pass the benefits on to our customers.

We choose and combine the most effective partners and integrate them in alignment with our customers’ needs. This approach saves our customers from having to spend valuable time and financial resources on evaluating numerous solutions, and it also eliminates the cost and difficulty associated with integrating and customizing multiple solutions.

Corefino LLC partners include the following: